Available now  Everyone In Collab Deck

Available now Everyone In Collab Deck

The vision behind Everyone skateboard co was not only to make a difference in the skateboarding community, but also on the outside world. We started working on this project in January with the amazing the Everyone In LA  team. The purpose of this partnership with United Way was to help with another growing epidemic. At the start of this project we never imagined we would all be faced with a pandemic four months down the road. While the world will one day in the near future be rid of the  Covid-19 virus. The homeless community however will continue to exist and populate, We will be releasing this Everyone In collab board where all proceeds $59.99 will be donated to Everyone In LA each purchase will go toward, shelter, food, housing for thousands of people with no home so every purchase you make counts. The boards are available for pre-order now. If we want to see a change in this world than Everyone must come together and lend a helping hand during these trying times. 

  • Available in sizes 7.75" - 8.5"


  • $15 shipping

    $15 shipping in the U.S.